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 To all of the fine home builders who chose Allied Aluminum to provide our premium screen patio rooms for their Homearama homes. We were proud to have four homes with our screen porches. It is wonderful to see that the finest builders and their clients chose to use the best screen room available !!  They and their decorators did a great job of showing off our exclusive screen room. If you would like to have a few recommendations of some of the area's best builders we would be happy to do so. Just email or give us a call !! You know they are all about quality when they chose Allied. We hope you also got a chance to see our roll up sun shades that were installed and looking great on one of the screen rooms.

Allied has the areas only truly distinctive screen porch system. We have personally designed our screen room material to set it a part from the competition. It is designed to blend in with the décor of your home while remaining maintenance free. It has been featured in Homearama, Home Expo and Remodelers Showcase. Let us show you the importance of superior material and construction.

  • Five colors available
  • Open view option if desired
  • Protective kick-panel if needed
  • Our exclusive “true jamb” door system
  • Matching doors
  • Doors can be custom designed any size or style
  • Pet-resistant screen option
  • Maintenance free
  • Geometric shapes
  • Motorized retractable screens available

PLEASE take a look and let the pictures below speak for itself. There is a reason why customers and top quality builders/contractors will choose the superior Allied screen room. Notice how our doors are custom made and match the screen porch framing. They are not the store bought alternative. We will take the time and use the extra material needed to create a door jamb that looks and feels substantial (the door is not hung directly on the adjoining screen frame like many inferior approaches, resulting in a 'cheap' appearance). Our screen rooms simply have twice the amount of material and strength of other inferior systems. We use an additional perimeter channel around each screen section to add 'beef' and a more pleasant appearance. This picture can illustrate how our porch structure can actually add another dimension to your home and not simply add screen panels to your porch.


../images/files/sp brz rear view.jpg Look closely and you can see that this homeowner has their sunshades pulled down for a little extra shade on this hot sunny afternoon

 Framed Roof Specialist 

Allied has the key attribute when it comes to custom designing and building a framed patio or screen room with a shingled roof to blend with your home. That would be 'experience'. We have the knowledge and valuable experience to help our clients custom design their room exactly how they want it to look.

 Though we do many aluminum roof porches, the demand has continued to grow over the past several years for a constructed room with a shingled roof to tie into the existing home. We have been there along the way and have many ideas to share. We know the key products and designs that consumers are looking for to create the dream room that they are looking for. We can create that part of the home that you will love to escape to.

 Most importantly, Allied can save you quite a bit of money when you deal with us. You are able to deal with one company and not many sub-contractors who would cause your price to escalate. We have an experienced framing crew that will please you from ground up. Please give us a call if you might want to explore the possibility of adding a room to your home.


Look at the pictures above and see how a framed addition can create that rustic look you may desire


Look at the picture above and appreciate how much of the outdoors this family can enjoy with the added shade and bug protection from the Allied screen porch. Did you know that Allied can take the wasted area under your deck and custom design and install both a maintenance-free aluminum ceiling and screen porch?

Click here for full color glass porch and railing brochure(large1.6 MB file, allow 1 plus minute(s) for download... it's worth it !!)

Click here for full color screen porch brochure (large 1.8MB file, allow 1 plus minute(s) for download... it's worth it as well)


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